Wizard Productions competitive prices are very competitive for South Texas and are based on an 8-hour standard workday. Our process includes event planning, meetings for event collaboration and use of online services by gigbuilder.com . Price also includes travel time to and from your event, set up time, and arrival at least 2  hours before your event depending on size and type of event. Events are normally a standard four hours performance, no breaks. All travel and hotel fees are included in the contract. Ask your venue how much time is allowed to pack after your event.. Some venues do not allow fog or haze machines because of smoke detector systems, so please verify with the venue in advance.



  Big Screen Projection Systems,  Starting at $250.00
  Bubble Machine Starting at $20.00
  Hazer Machine Starting at $40.00
  Sound reinforcement and lighting for track acts or bands
 Starting at $600.00
  Karaoke Package $100.00 per hour (4 Hr. minimum)
  $200.00 add on to any DJ Package
 Ultimate DJ Package Starting at $1,500.00  Intelligent lighting, L.E.D. & Laser Lighting,  10,000 watts of sound and huge rear projection video screen and projector (6Hrs)
 Premium DJ Package Starting at $800.00 12 lighting effects 5hrs
 Basic DJ Package Starting at $500.00 4 lighting effects, 2 huge 3 way speaker system. (4Hrs)
 Concert Sound System Starting at $800.00
 Concert Lighting System Starting at $400.00
 Large Sound And Lighting Package  $1,200.00 (6Hours)


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